We are the leading English-language publisher in Austria. Having founded far-reaching brands like Metropole and the Survival Guide series and the Austrian Startup Monitor, the publishing house specializes in beautifully executed print and digital products.

Working with leading graphic designers, industry-specific translators and a well-versed, journalistic editorial staff, Home Town Media guarantees results – whether our customers need a website translation or a full-fledged corporate publishing concept.

We believe in honesty, transparency and understanding the audience of a product. Our prices are standardized and, unlike with other agencies, you’ll never have to wait on an estimate. Our job is to help you communicate – whether with words, graphics, illustrations or a printed product – and we keep that objective front and center.  

We’ve worked with PR agencies on optimizing the international communication for their customers; with research institutes, private schools and universities to create stunning publicity materials; with companies from the oil industry to real estate to design conference brochures and online campaigns.

Our international team are experts in magazine publishing, ad copy writing and online media. For each project, we source from a pool of over 100 content creators, industry-specific writers and translators to make sure we assemble the best possible team for your project without exceeding your budget.


Maggie Childs - Concept

Maggie has worked in the magazine business – as a writer, editor, translator and publisher – for more than a decade. Born and raised in New York, her international lifestyle has brought her in contact with various cultures and editorial styles. 

Her obsessions: compound adjectives, specificity and fighting the oxford comma

Karin Dreher - Design

Karin has been designing breathtaking magazines for over three decades. She conceived the design of Forbes in the DACH region, hailed by Steve Forbes to be his favorite so far. She created the concept for Metropole’s print magazine and has been its art director ever since. Her illustrations and infographics are used by book and magazine publishers across Europe. Her degree in Mathematics makes her particularly keen on perfection when it comes to visualizing complex data sets. 

Her obsessions: Fonts, her iPad pro and more fonts

Ryan Powell - Management

Ryan has lived on four continents in the last ten years, facilitating media endeavors from book production and academic projects at Oxford and Columbia University to journalism and media development in Turkey, Ghana and Tanzania. He thrives on devising ways to boil down ideas, emotions, insights and data into clear and understandable content and sourcing and guiding just the right people to create it. 

His obsessions: cultural differences, linguistic idiosyncrasies and big words

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For your project, we source from a pool of over 100 content creators, copy writers, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and industry-specific writers and translators in fields of science, engineering, technology, academia, popular culture, fashion, finance, law, business and design. Each team – from one person to twenty five – is chosen because they understand your product, industry and the mood you want to instill in the audience of your project.

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